Big Daddy Deja - The Queen of Chicago Juke Rap

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About Big Daddy Deja

Discover the unique talent of Big Daddy Deja, the unsigned Chicago female rapper who has revolutionized the music scene with her innovative style of rapping over traditional juke beats. Get ready to experience a wave of creativity and energy like never before.

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About Big Daddy Deja

Big daddy Deja is No stranger to tragedy, Deja has had to navigate through the loss of her baby’s father due to gun violence in 2018 when her son Dawson was 7 months old, and Deja herself was shot in march 2021. Being shot not only altered the way she walks but also left her jaded about residing in the windy city. Writing a majority of her songs in the car, dropping music has become a cathartic release for the emerging rapper.

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Music and Discography

Deja is Known for her raw, and at times raunchy lyricism, Big Daddy Deja is both beauty and the beast. From her viral freestyles to singles like “Wake up” and “Ching Ching” Deja shows her versatility while remaining boastful and sexy. Big Daddy Deja is currently promoting her juke, radio-supported single, “I Like It” that is got her the Upmost respect and recognition in Chicago followed up by “Juke me on the floor.” Big daddy Deja is now is ready to take over the entire industry with her new music video “where them dollaz at”.

Creating the Wave of Chicago Juke Beats

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