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The Juke convo is irrelevant without bringing up Big Daddy Deja!!!
When “Ride It” comes on I don’t know one girl who ain’t throwin’. But more important than that, her
heart is unmatched! In a city, and industry saturated with jealousy and envy, Deja moves with love and
unity! Collaborating and showing major love to other artists in the city on her way to the top. all while
being an amazing mom and entrepreneur. Check out her catalog on all steaming platforms. she “I Like It (Remix)” is her first hit single but she is now about to release “Where them dollaz at” that will take her all the way to the top.

Our principles

We stay true to our roots and bring an authentic Chicago sound to the world.




As an unsigned artist, we maintain creative control and stay true to our vision.

We inspire and empower female artists to break barriers and make their mark in the rap industry.

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Big Daddy Deja